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I Wish That I Had Loved You Better - David Ross (22) - I Wish That I Had Loved You Better (Vinyl)

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  1. I wish you loved me. You think that I ain't feelin' you but let me explain (let me explain) Since, since, since, since hearin' your side of the story it's clear we're feelin' the same No I really didn't know back then But maybe it was better then cause now I am a better man And you ain't got to wish no more Baby I'm wat you've been waitin' for.
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  4. I wish the sunshine Could hold off the night fall And I wish you'd answer Just one of my calls I wish this bottle Wouldn't have emptied And I wish you loved me As much as you don't Oh, I wish the summer Would last throught the winter And I wish .
  5. It was me you loved Baby, I wish, how I wish It was me you loved Honest to God Such a pretty thing All locked up in The crib by yourself He comes home from work Just to eat and sleep He even make you promises He'll never keep Yet you stand by him All faithful and can be Can't you see you'd be better off With a man like me How I wish, how I wish.
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  7. 10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Love In My 20s. This is not a flaw in their character and it would not be any different if they loved you more or knew you better. An adult recognizes that men and women have their own minds, motivations, wants, and needs, and it is not their failing if they can’t anticipate your every whim.
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